The common weasel is about 5 metres tall and weighs up to 6 tons. It needs to eat it´s own weight in cookies every day and can life up to 300 years. Everybody knows these facts about weasels.

But almost no one knows the weasels effects on human psyche. With a weasel, life is different, in a good way. A weasel calms you down, gives peace and luck and makes you feel good. They are silent companions which make you see things you did not notice before. “They restore our faith in humanity and and recreate a childlike wonder”, Steve Jobs once said about weasels. And that is true.

The peculiar weasel to which this side is dedicated to is a blogweasel. I discovered it when it hit behind the sidebar of my blog and chewed on the stat counter. For a while, the weasel became the mascot of the blog. It turned out out to be headstrong and easily bored, so it is permanently looking for fun. In the blog, it occasionally starred into picture stories or did some other nonsense. Soon s small, but ever growing community of weasel-aficionados established.

In 2009 the weasel decided that one blog was not enough. It wanted more, and one day it was gone and did not return for about two years. It travelled from blog to blog, met many different people, accompanied them in their daily life or on business and holiday trips. All of a sudden, the weasel traveled the world. And that it liked.

In 2011 it returned to my blog, but it still likes traveling. Sometimes it is invited by nice people to come along. Thats the reason why the Weasel visited every country in central europe, went on stage with famous comedians and musicians, danced on volcanos, visited China and the USA and, on one occasion, steered a cruise ship. It also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, Trinity College in Cambridge and at the University of Oxford.

The weasel is really inimitable and also very headstrong and sometimes quirky, but wherever it appears, it makes people smile.

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